The Leader in Fishing Apps for iPhone - iFish Apps Our American iFish Series of Apps | Fish with Attitude with iFish USA! Individual states are available! Our Canadian iFish Series of Apps | Fish with Attitude with iFish Alberta, iFish Ontario, iFish BC or iFish Saskatchewan!

Know When, Where and How to fish a lake near you

iFish Apps provides the most innovative fishing experience available today. The iFish series of Apps offer fishermen across the country a user-friendly and intuitive guide to fishing. Perfect for everyone, from beginners to the seasoned angler.

Easily find a lake near you and view detailed information on it. Get real time lake reports, weather conditions and best fishing times. Review and mark your favorite HotSpots, record your catches and learn tips, tricks and techniques. Get it today and Fish with Attitude.

The iFish Series of Apps - Know When, Where & How to Fish a Lake Near You

User Testimonials

"It's so helpful to have all this information at the touch of a button especially for a beginner like me! There is lakes within 50km of me that I've never even heard of! That's cool!

"This is the perfect app for all those fishing lovers. I would recommend this app for everybody. I learned things with this app about lakes I fished my whole life!"

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